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Hello all you wonderful beautiful people. 

Here is our August Newsletter done in a quick to read format:

-  Thank you for all who participated in Peace Hour.  You are gems that glittered on that day.  Many more occasions coming up, as we will be playing Peace Hour more often. 

-  We are looking for volunteers to help out with letting harpists in all countries know about the Peace Hour.  Also, I am desparately looking for translators.  So please feel free to let me know if you would like to help getting our newsletters, and our updates.  =)

-  We have a small tiny office now in Malibu, California.  I am decorating it right now, and doing some home improvement projects on it.  When it's all done, it can also serve as a little place for visiting harpists without pay.  =)

-  I would like to keep Harpists For Peace cash-free:  no money given or taken, and all volunteer work.  I think that would help keep it just the beautiful thing it is.  I don't want to turn it into a business.  Harpists For Peace is however officially a group and foundation.    If you all have input and ideas about that, please let me know.  I love and adore feedback, and of course I need it.  =)

-  We got a wonderful gift from Rees Harps, the makers of the famous Harpsicles.  They gave Harpists For Peace a Grand Harpsicle Harp, and we are absolutely thrilled about receiving our first ever official gift.  Thank you Pam, William, Garen, Rebecca, and all the wonderful people in Rees Harps. 

-  We got an official Declaration from the Governor Of New Hampshire.  It is on our main website, so please feel free to read it.

-  I thank from the bottom of my heart all the people who have given so much love and enthusiasm to our efforts so far.  We need more volunteers, and gues what!  It takes very little time to help out.  Just sending e-mails to different harpists in your country and region.  That's all. 

****** And finally:   VOTING TIME!  =)  ******

Shortly, we will be voting on a few issues:

1)  If you would like to have another Peace Hour around Christmas/Hannukah time.

2)  If you would like to have more Peace Hour's during the year; or whenever some crisis happens where holding a Peace Hour would make a great statement.

3)  Your country of choice for hosting our first ever Harpists For Peace Convention: what date, and anything else that you would like regarding this issue.

So that is it for our August Newsletter.  =)  Please feel free to translate this text to different languages.

And please please please always e-mail me.  I would Love to hear from you. 

Love, love, love,


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